Depression And Cannabis

Shallow Focus Photography of Cannabis Plant

Are you currently experiencing depression? If so, you’re not alone and are one of the millions of Americans plagued by this mood disorder. A recent post shared new statistical facts about how depression in the U.S. is on the upswing.

Apparently the identification of depression increased 33 percent between years 2011 and 2014. (1) Formerly, The National Center for Health Statistics reported that antidepressant usage jumped 65 percent in 15 years between 1999 and 2014: from 7.7 percent of Americans to 12.7 percent for people 12 and older, twice as large for women than men, and 19.1% for those 60 and older. (2)

The great news, they say, is that “universal depression screenings” are occurring more frequently, and that this mood disorder is no longer in the cupboard: people are talking about it and treating it… with pharmaceutical medications.

I’m left to wonder why this depressive state has increased by leaps and bounds? To begin with, there is a lot that’s changed in the world since January 1, 2000. It is enough to make anyone sad. I probably missed something, under, but here are the examples that I can remember:

Though the majority of the antidepressant-package inserts warn of one or another side-effect, pharmaceutical antidepressants are the omnipresent ‘Cape Canaveral Raccoon Removal” solution and working mechanism for depression. Additionally, aside from the side effects, lots of individuals report difficulty in getting off antidepressants when they’re prepared to do so.

Depression has been linked to greater neuro-inflammation. It’s common knowledge now that inflammation is a precursor to a lot of different disease processes.

(3) because of its chemical compounds, notably THC and CBD, real healing, not only symptom masking, can happen to restore deficient areas of the brain and immune system. (4) It’s nontoxic, cost-effective and has little to no side-effects whatsoever.

“… the group examined data from Strainprint, a mobile program cannabis users may use to monitor changes in symptoms after using different doses and cannabis chemotypes. Overall, self-reported signs of depression decreased by 50 percent.”

So why don’t more folks try cannabis medicinally before going down the pharma trail? I suggest that there are three main reasons:

The leftover stigma encouraged by the Reefer Madness film propaganda of 1936 and following 1937 Marahuana Tax Act
The taste to trust doctors and what they prescribe
A general lack of understanding about therapeutic, not recreational, cannabis use
A buddy of mine used cannabis medicinally to help her recover from depression after nothing else worked.
So far as I could tell the numerous devastating events of the 21st century have radically altered the world from as we knew it disorienting at best and gloomy at worst for people who understand the difference. Having said that, I believe it’s still completely possible to take flight out of melancholy and stay emotionally and mentally well through it all with the help of responsible, therapeutic cannabis use.

The world might not change in ways we favor but we can.

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